Environmental studies

The project’s initiation and funding source

This case study should enable you and your readers to get an in-depth understanding of how this environmental project was initiated, how it was carried out, the difficulties it met, and the results it delivered. Your case study will address at least the following aspects:1. The project’s initiation and funding source
2. The project’s organization and development phases
3. The project’s achievements so far and challenges
4. Based on your knowledge from the course, provide some ideas and recommendations to the ENGO to address its challenges and/or develop this project further.
Organization: Your case study should include the following sections and contents:- Header: Title of the case study, sub-title, date of submission.1. Executive summary: a one-paragraph summary of the key takeaway message from the case analysis, including your key recommendation.2. Background and context of the project analyzed in the case study. 3.Analysis of the case study. Organized in clear sub-sections.4. Conclusion: summarizes the main learnings from the case study and offers recommendations to the ENGO.
I choose the case project from IUCN, the URL: Plastic Waste Free Islands. Please use all the information from online websites or academic papers about the Plastic Waste Free Islands.