My name is xxxx I’m 18 years old I was born in xxxx and I’m from a capital of La

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My name is xxxx I’m 18 years old I was born in xxxx and I’m from a capital of Lao PDR Vientiane. My mother is Thai and my father is half Chinese-Laos but unfortunately he can’t speak Chinese so I only can speak three language currently which is English, Laos, Thai. I’m Graduated from Oscar International School with Upper secondary degree in English and Lao language.
At present, I have joined the female and youth council of Laos and when I was at school I used to donate with food and supplies to people with disabilities. Also, I learned about primary first aid and CPR from my brother-in-law and sister. They are Thailand’s rescue trainers. The top reason I want to study in China is because I want to learn the language and culture of China as well as business trade as the result of I heard that the business thing in China is very good and my father encouraged me to study in China also I want to study to develop my family business . We know that China and Laos have a strong relationship and China always comes to help Laos also Chinese people come to trade in Laos a lot based on the fact that Chinese people come to shop at my mother’s shop often moreover even though Lao had not completely developed yet but we luckily got help by China including Vang Vieng Expressway and China-Lao Railway. As I can see China had a lot of cutting-edge technology.

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