Source: This video source must be us

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This video source must be used along with the other sources provided.
The rest of the sources are attached.
I also attached Two papers titled Response paper 4 and Response paper 5. Both should be used to help build the paper. It will give insight to what should be discussed in this paper.
Larry May chapters 1-8/ Rawl and Bean Chapters 25-36/ Donna murch chapters 1-7 and the conclusion/ Heather miller’s coast of living/ Joshua bloom/ Mark Brilliant/ Politics and social postwar Oakland.
This is a Final paper. No coversheet needed, No bibliography needed! No works Cited! Just Chicago Footnotes. Single space for top left name, course, date. Title centered at top of page, Title needs to be creative and tie into paper such as who, what where, why? skip one to two spaces after title to begin essay. 10 Pages ONLY! DO Not Exceed 10 pages! Paper should be written in Chicago Style and include ( footnotes) No citework page needed! DO NOT use the words: AM, IS, ARE, WAS, WERE! When writing paper use exact name and dates of history don’t be vague. When it comes to a claim be precise and use information/ evidence. Paper needs to have a thesis! meaning as opposed to “what?” why is this important to write about. Need to have a clear “so what”, clear thesis! No quotations, Paraphrase and use own words, unless it is important then you may quote. Avoid Contractions! Paper should be written about: wartime growth and problems, Industrial Agriculture and disorganized labor, The great depression in california. Talk about major time periods. use very specific evidence/ events/ unique pieces of info. Narrate why the setting is changing over time and how people are affect by this. Why these things happened and what were the take aways overall. What happens in the city? what happens in the countries? countries meaning, (urban area) (the suburbs) places away from the city. How did the black panthers get there? what happened to freedom? Really thinking about whats going on in these reading and clarify. What is the big story of California? What is california’s big take away? Major changes in california during this time.
How has power changed? California transition of power such as changes in structure/government. What the changes mean for the people , what happens to them . How has geography changed, any major changes. Discuss why and what dynamics caused these change? Look at the intersections in each topic and what creates those situations. Make connections in the paper from each textbook that is provided below/ and in attachments. Past papers that have been written are attached in attachments and you can use as a guide and use some of the same evidence from those essay, but need to be re written as this will be turned into a plagiarized website. Make sure you are only using the sources I gave you no outside sources. ( Important historical changes) This is a what did you think (response paper). *Make important connections from each reading and how the readings tie into each other.

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