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Instructions Presentation- The purpose of this assignment is to strengthen the s

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Presentation- The purpose of this assignment is to strengthen the student’s skillset in analyzing, applying, and presenting epidemiological research. For this assignment, select an article from the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report MMWR ( to analyze. Using PowerPoint, discuss the elements of the study
Background information (what is already known about the topic),
Purpose of study (why was this study completed),
Sample population studied (who was included in the study population),
Research Methods used (how was this study conducted, what kind of statistics were calculated),
Results (what were the findings, Discussion (how do the results fit into what we already know),
Relationship to your field of practice (how can these results affect the way you engage and promote public health and/or patient health) **My field of practice is Public Health Policy**
The presentation should include a title slide (using APA 7th ed. format), introduction and summary slides, and references to support content. In-text citations and reference slide(s) are required. No voiceover is required; however detailed speaker’s notes are required to expand on the slide’s key points.
Slide Order
1-title slide
3-Background information
4-Purpose of study
5-Sample population studied
6-Research Methods used
8-Relationship to your field of practice
9-summary slide
10-reference slide

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