Youth in the Adult System

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Week 5: Annotated Bibliography (100 points)
By the end of Week 5, you will submit an annotated bibliography based on your academic research.
• A bibliography page is a list of academic resources on your chosen topic. An annotated bibliography includes a brief description of each article. You may have more sources in the Week 5 annotated bibliography that you reviewed, but may not include as a cited resource on your final reference page. For Week 5, you must have at least five annotated resources.
◦ Please visit the DeVry University Writing Center for help on creating an annotated bibliography.
• A reference page is what sources are actually cited in your paper. You must have at least five scholarly references in your final project.
Option 4: Youth in the Adult System
• What are some instances in which a juvenile is tried in the adult court system?
• Studies show a juvenile’s brain does not finish developing until well into their 20s. Should this research impact the court’s decision on allowing a juvenile to be transferred to adult court?
• Is there any benefit to public safety by punishing a juvenile as an adult?

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