Your paper will have three different parts. Submit this assignment in one docu

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Your paper will have three different parts. Submit this assignment in one document with the appropriate number of pages for each section and with and each section clearly identified.
Part 1: Summary of research findings from at least 3 sources (two pages of bullet points, single spaces but can be more, and sources on separate page). Before your conversation, research various sources (Internet and library) to gain some background knowledge about this person’s culture in his/her country and region/city/village. For instance, specificity of region is important because for instance, the Arab world has 22 countries, Asia has 48, Africa has 54, Australia has 6 states and 10 territories, Europe has 44 countries, and of course, each of these has specific regions, cities, and villages. Be as specific as possible in your research.
You should read at least 3 different sources. Summarize key findings from these readings (two pages, using bulleted format–can be more ) listing full references in MLA citation format on another page at the end of your summary This should be done BEFORE you interview so that you can ask questions about things that intrigue you from your research.
Part 2: List of the questions you planned to ask in the interview, and then also noting which ones you actually ended up asking (and adding in any others that you included impromptu during the conversation). Some previous students have chosen to show the differences through color coding. Remember that you can also encourage the interviewee to ask you questions. This part of the assignment should be questions only, not the answers. The answers you get form the basis of your essay which is Part 3.
(10 points)
Formulate a list of questions BEFORE the conversation. But you should not be tied to all those questions as you converse. Given the nature of communication as a dialogue between two people in a given moment in time, you might sense it would be best to eliminate some of your prepared questions or add new ones.
In your paper, you will be identifying both your prepared questions and also note which ones you asked and which ones you added. You do not need to ask all these questions or ask them in the order you have them listed, as you will find that open-ended questions will lead to other questions based on the person’s response. Some of the questions you prepare to ask may not be answered because of the way the conversation goes.
Click here to review some potential questions to guide you in learning about a person’s culture. This is a GUIDE ONLY. The questions you choose will depend on your research, your interests, the flow of the conversation, etc.
Part 3: Analysis of the conversation (in essay, illustrated essay, or story form). Note any nonverbal communication that stood out to you. (30 points).
Present the responses from the conversation and present a summary in essay format. Be sure to give a well-developed introduction that sets the context for the rest of the essay. You should include setting the stage for who you interviewed, (things like age, education, etc.), how you chose the person, and in what environment you met. In other words, prepare the reader (me) for your essay. Also, include a conclusion at the end that gives finality to the essay.
Include any observations you make about nonverbal communication within your essay. The essay should give me an idea of the flow of your conversation as well as the content of it.
The essay may be in any of the following forms:
a written essay (3 pages, 1.5 spacing, 12 pt font) OR
an illustrated essay (with photographs/pictures/drawings. Example: If appropriate and with permission, you may take or get photos of the person and where they lived, pictures of the person’s home/work place/environment/artifacts from the person’s story or that illustrate these with photos that you find on the web; you may scan in pictures the person has shared with you, or you may draw your own pictures to illustrate points in your story.) This kind of format would expand the number of pages you turn in (5 pages or more, 1.5 spacing, 12 pt font but there should still be a minimum of three pages of a written essay).
a story (written in first person, from the perspective of the person you interviewed). (3 pages, 1.5 spacing, 12 pt font). In this case, your introduction and conclusion can be in third person if you wish

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