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You will need to address ONE of the topics listed below. How many subtopics rel

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You will need to address ONE of the topics listed below. How many subtopics
related to each marketing topic you address is up to you but do your best to
connect them (or discuss them) in a logical manner. Remember, you must include a minimum
of five peer-reviewed sources.
1. Marketing topic: Managing Product Assortments
Subtopics: Conventional
wisdom regarding product assortments (variety facilitates choice)
The advantages and
disadvantages of small and large product assortments The
paradox of large assortments
Cognitive costs,
consumers expectations, and the results of choices
Strategies for selecting
assortment size
Cognitive dissonance,
the consumer’s POV, and purchase decisions
Studies by Festinger and
Carlsmith (1959), Cummings and Venkatesan (1976)
Complimentary products, avoiding
redundancy, “optimizing” the number of products
2. Marketing
topic: Brand
Subtopics: How
to create brand loyalty
Famous examples of programs/marketing campaigns which instilled
brand loyalty
Individuals/groups likely to become loyal
Companies which are especially good at instilling brand
loyalty (if you believe there are any – this can be debated)
Products which lend themselves to the creation of brand
loyalty (hint: food and drink)
Customer loyalty vs. brand loyalty
Ethical/moral implications surrounding brand loyalty
Brand loyalty and pricing / brand loyalty and other
marketing considerations
How to break brand loyalty (from competitor’s POV)
3. Marketing
topic: Understanding viral marketing
Subtopics: History/origins of viral marketing
“Effective frequency”,
“effective reach”, and memetics
Tim Draper and Hotmail’s
role in viral marketing
Social media optimization/search engine
optimization and their relationship with viral marketing
The psychology behind the
viral effect (sharing behavior, “peacocking”)
Social media sites and
their relationship with viral marketing
Studies which suggest
the existence of the viral effect
Studies which suggest
the efficacy of the viral effect
Guerrilla marketing and
its relationship with viral marketing
for viral marketing campaigns

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