Environmental Science

You will complete the course with a small project by making a question, defining

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You will complete the course with a small project by making a question, defining the problem, and possible solutions. You should describe the selected study area and the major environmental issues of your location (country OR city). You will select one of the main problems and describe the issues, the causes and the possible solutions for it. You can show the severity of the issue using the photos provided by yourself or some photos or graphs from the internet (with references).
Your project will contain maximum written explanation: 3-4 pages including:
• A title page and table of contents • The goal(s) of the project
• Introduction: to define the environmental issues your selected location is faced in general (a paragraph)
• Study area: to describe the selected area in terms of location, population, climate, … (a paragraph)
• You should choose only one environmental problem from all you learned about during this course in the selected area (e.g air pollution, water pollution, climate change, biodiversity change, land use change and deforestation, …). Reflect on some aspects of selected environmental problem by defining the problem, and providing some evidence including tables, plots, photos, … and the potential solutions
• Conclusion (a paragraph)
*There is no limitation on the world files, but a font size of 12 (Times New Roman) and line space of 2 are preferred.

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