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You have been hired as a management consultant by a group of packaged food manuf

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You have been hired as a management consultant by a group of packaged food manufacturers. These companies make a variety of packaged food products and sell them through retailers such as Publix, Costco, and Wal-Mart. They want your advice on the future of this industry and how they should position themselves for the future.
The CEO of this industry group is named Mrs. Martina Ballantine. She is having a board meeting at the end of the month with the companies in her group and wants to present them with your advice. Evaluate this situation and present your recommendations to her.
Review your answers to the discussion board #3 Part A before completing this assignment.
Specific Instructions:
a. Evaluate the Packaged Food Industry and come up with a set of issues, goals, strategies, and actions for companies in this industry, to be presented to CEO Martina Ballantine.
b. Create a presentation in PowerPoint or another presentation software.
c. Present and record your presentation using or some other type of recording program. This should show a “thumbnail video of you speaking in the corner of your presentation.
d. Post the URL to the assignment link. This needs to be one link that I can click to view the entire recording of your slides, and see/hear you presenting them. (Do not require clicking through slides or pressing extra buttons for me to hear/see you)
Your narrated presentation should last no more than 4-minutes and should only have 6 slides. Answer the below questions (one per slide):
1. Title Slide: Include your name, class, date, title, and introduce yourself and the topic of your presentation.
2. Explain to Mrs. Ballantine what are the major 2-3 issues that the packaged food industry is facing. Number and explain each issue separately.
3. Clearly describe what you think the top 2-3 goals should be for companies competing in this industry. Number and explain each goal separately.
4. What is your recommended strategy/plan the companies should follow to continue to thrive and grow? Explain clearly.
5. If the companies in this industry want to follow your advice, what are the top 4-5 action steps to make this plan happen and turn it into a reality? Number and explain each action separately.
6. “Thank you” slide with your name, contact info, any concluding thoughts, etc.
Present to CEO Martina Ballantine directly, as if she is going to listen to this. Pretend you are a consultant getting paid good money, give her a helpful and valuable analysis that she can use! Also, try to convince her of your reasons for your decisions.
Give each slide a helpful and unique title to better explain the point of the slide (minimum 28- point font title). Do not use any font smaller than 24-point. Use well-spaced and clearly readable slides. Use colors, bullet points, pictures, or graphs if it helps us to better understand.
Make sure that your main points/goals/recommendations etc. are written in the presentation and not just narrated. Your narration can be used to further explain and give more detail. Your slides should still make sense if they are printed out and read, even with no narration.
Enjoy this assignment, which is a realistic example of the kind of work you might be doing in a management career.

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