Writing Assignment 2: Several important issues affecting working women have been

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Writing Assignment 2: Several important issues affecting working women have been discussed in this unit. Choose one major issue outlined in this unit and discuss the impact of this issue in the workplace today. Be sure to include a synthesis of the readings this week as they relate to your topic. Find one outside resource (current news article, court case, recent legislation, etc.) that discusses this issue. Compose a brief summary of major points discussed.
Writing Assignments are a minimum of 500 words. They are meant to be a brief but thoughtful response to all of the readings for that week following the leading question above. Insightfulness and clarity are important. The Writing Assignments are meant to help me gauge your understanding of the week’s lectures and readings. The writing assignments should not re-tell the “story” in the material but it does identify the main ideas as well as the relationships of these ideas to course themes/issues and to other course materials. Each writing assignment will have specific questions students should address. Proper in-text citation and references are required.
1. a) Issues and Reforms Part 1
b) Issues and Reforms Part II
2. National Women’s Law Center (April 2012) Combating Punitive Pay Secrecy Policies (Links to an external site.) (3 pgs.)
3. National Academy of Sciences (2007). Institutional Constraints (Links to an external site.) in Beyond Bias and Barriers : Fulfilling the Potential of Women in Academic Science and Engineering. (Ch. 5, pp. 166-188)
4. Browne, I. (1999). Introduction (Links to an external site.) in Latinas and African American Women at Work. New York: Russell Sage Foundation. (Introduction, pp. 1-31).
5. Legal Monitor Worldwide (2014). Federal government releases new guidelines on pregnancy discrimination. (pp. 1-3)
6. Jones, J., Schmitt, J., & Woo, N. (2014). Women, Working Families, and Unions (Links to an external site.). Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR). (pp. 5-25)
1. Women in the Work Force: Critical Issues (Links to an external site.), (March 24, 2011) Diane Rehm Show (51 min.)

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