Write an essay by working with the information below which is a the research pap

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Write an essay by working with the information below which is a the research paper proposal and annotated bibliography.
Research Paper Proposal Topic: New York impacts of mismanaged trash.
Support Points
point 1: waste is the main cause of the massive pests that inhabit New York.
Mismanaged trash has triggered a series of problems such as pests and
urgent health problems that risk the people themselves therefore a plan is required to
deal with the uncontrolled waste and avoid future problems.
point 2: The shortening of services justified by covid-19 pandemic is one of the causes
that worsened the waste problem.
point 3: The lack of awareness of the people and the lack of public work personnel
who should monitor popular places to give serious sanctions makes the garbage
problem greater.
point 4: Increase the waste stations to a greater number due to the large number of
visitors and residents for a more due control.
Annotated Bibliography
Goldenberg and Muoio. New York City fails zero waste pledge. “Why it’s going backward”. 2022.
This article focuses on the methods they currently use to deal with waste problems
and the money that is being spent. Suggest charging for each pound of garbage like
penalizing for so much garbage. It covers elected officials and words they offer people
for future changes on trash, composting, and recycling in general and deals with the
issue of plagues of rats and others that abound in train stations.
Robbins, Christopher. “TRASH TOWN, Why is the world’s richest city so filthy?
And what can be done about it?”. 2022.
This article treats points like the mountains of garbage that fill the sidewalks and tells
the experience of people. Covers about possible solutions like rat-resistant bins that
have been proposed or giant bins that should be designed for trucks that they can
hold. The opinion of the sanitation department and the problems with plastics, metal
containers and plans such as Zero waste design.
Chang, Sophia. “
As giant trash bins come to NYC, will the city’s garbage heaps
become a thing of the past?”. 2022.
This article focuses on the beginning of a sanitary plan for the extermination of
garbage in the streets. It refers to 4 giant containers that are available now in New
York streets and more of them in the future for residents and visitors daily use. Provide
examples of other countries that collaborate with a functional sanitary plan like Paris
and where to place these giant garbage stands proposing public parking lots.

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