Political Science

Write an essay about which theory of American politics best describes the Americ

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Write an essay about which theory of American politics best describes the American political process today: elite theory, pluralism, or hyperpluralism. Base your essay on the outline you created during the last activity, but feel free to adjust your plan based on instructor feedback or your own best judgment.
The evidence you present in the essay will come from the readings by C. Wright Mills and Robert Dahl in
The Lanahan Readings
(sixth edition), although you may also reference the course material or current events.
Student Checklist
Content Check
Did you take a stance on which of the three theories of American politics best describes the American political process today?
Did you consider the following subtopics in your research?
How current events from the news support one of the theories
Changes in the American political process since the time of Mills and Dahl
Did you demonstrate a solid understanding of concepts from the lesson? Examples include:
The three theories of American politics: elite theory, pluralism, and hyperpluralism
Issues concerning the power and makeup of government, such as stalemated politics
Did you take a clear position on the issue presented in the prompt? Is your position arguable and defensible?
Arguable means that your position is not overly obvious; at least some rational readers might disagree with it.
Defensible means that your position can be backed up with evidence.
Did you consistently use strong evidence to support your thesis or claim? Your evidence might include:
Direct, accurate references to the course material
Quotes or paraphrases of cited sources, including the lesson readings.
Organization Check
Did you write an introduction with all of the following elements?
A clearly identifiable claim or thesis that responds directly to the assignment prompt
Enough background information to contextualize the thesis or claim
A sense of the scope of the essay (a preview of the key points, for example)
Did you write body paragraphs with all of the following elements?
A focus on one distinct, consistently addressed key point per paragraph
Clear connections between the evidence presented and the key point the evidence is meant to support
Did you write a conclusion with all of the following elements?
A reminder for the reader of your thesis or claim, and your key points
A lasting impression that avoids introducing new topics or arguments
Style Check
Did you use a style and tone that are professional, clear, and consistent?
Did you avoid careless errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation?
Completion* Check
Does your assignment include all required components?
Does your assignment address the prompt and stay on topic?
Did you submit an original written work made up of no more than 10 percent quoted material?
Did you avoid plagiarism? Avoiding plagiarism entails:
Distinguishing passages of text that are quoted from those that are original
Providing clear citations for quotes and ideas that are specific to a source
Writing original text from scratch instead of changing the wording of copied text

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