This will be a persuasive speech outline on student Debt and Loan crisis. I will

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This will be a persuasive speech outline on student Debt and Loan crisis. I will be providing you with a document with the motivated sequence pattern that will be needed to be used for this speech outline. You will follow this document format exactly with what it states to do. I will also provide you with a speech guideline document as to what will be expected for sources etc. This will also show how my teacher will be grading this, as well as how to help you through the outline to succeed. My Specific main points for the outline will be as follows: For the first main point (I) you Will be on focusing how people are still paying off debt in their later adult years and how it’s hard for people to save money while having to pay these debts and how this is not an issue in other countries etc. Main Point 2 (II) you will be about how we can solve this problem by making college tuition free as well as loan forgiveness. Then in Main point 3 (III) You will be talking about visualizing how people have more money to spend when they don’t have debts. This will make them happier and they will be able to spend more money as this is better for the economy. Make sure to use the motivated sequence document I give you and follow that step by step. Three of these sources mentioned in the works cited must be scholarly. You might not use the full 1,150 words. You must include a works cited page.

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