This week we reach the era of GLOBAL CONTACT: the colonizers of Spain and Portug

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This week we reach the era of GLOBAL CONTACT: the colonizers of Spain and Portugal begin their ventures into the Caribbean, North America and South America. We have spent the first three weeks learning A LOT about the Native people and who they were BEFORE the Spanish arrived, and now it is time to look at the other major piece to this puzzle. WHO WERE THE SPANIARDS? Who were the Portuguese? What is the Catholic religion all about and what role did it play in colonization? This is the other side of the story. Now that we have looked at the history of Europe and the contradictions there, it helps us understand the New World that was indeed created when the forces of Europe and the the Americas collided and created the foundations of Latin America. Many people in Peru speak Quechua, the language of the Incas. But many also speak Spanish. Why does everyone in Latin America speak Spanish???? Well let’s look at that side of the history….
Greetings this week you create a power point. 10 slides. Use the video and the reading in this week’s module. The reading is long. Take notes and take time.
1) Include images
2) slide 1 explain what the different spanish colonies were (tell us what their names were where they were located etc)
3) slide 2 explain what you learned from the article about zacatecas mines
4) slide 3 to 10 tell us what you learned about women in the mining industry in slides 3-10
Reading and youtube video is attached below.

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