This publish should be what YOU consider to be your best effort. This paragraph sh

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This publish should be what YOU consider to be your best effort. This paragraph should provide basic information about your topic in an organized way that provides both an overview and an analysis of the topic’s importance within the historical context of technology/culture and American society/culture.
Below is an example of how I want your entry to look.
Follow the format as given – no deviations or you will lose points. If you are confused about the format required, email me before submitting.
Your entry should ONE paragraph of 500-750 words (single spaced, which is 1-1.5 pages) with Turabian Chicago style footnote citations.
This paragraph should be well-written with clear analysis and should be your original work.
Do not quote your secondary sources, take your notes from your research and then put it in your own words.
You may have a short (phrase to 1-2 sentences) from a primary source IF you immediately analyze the quote as part of your analysis
The key point here is that you are writing an entry to teach future students about your topic (so think of this as an encyclopedia or referece type entry) and its importance – so keep it interesting and informative
You will add your Annotated bibilography after your entry – see precise formatting expected in the sample file. Be sure to alphabetize your entries under each subheading.
If you have an image, include it between your entry and the bibliography and be sure to briefly discuss the image in your entry if necessary for analysis. All images should have a caption describing it for your reader.

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