This module presented recommendations and best practices for the use of cyberspa

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This module presented recommendations and best practices for the use of cyberspace by law enforcement and public safety entities. This assignment will critically evaluate the real-world usage of cyberspace via a case study of your choice and through the lens of the guidelines and advice presented in this module.
Choose any law enforcement or public safety department or agency and evaluate their use of online communication platforms. Based on module resources, and your critical evaluation of this agency’s cyber presence, describe and discuss the following:
Describe how the department or agency is using websites and various social media platforms to communicate with the public.
Determine what, if any, themes are consistent across the various components of their online presence.
Examine the types of content to determine whether they appear disproportionately in each type of platform. For example, how is the agency using twitter versus facebook versus their website?
Report any quantifiable metrics related to the impact of these online communication tools (followers, subscribers etc.).
Describe how, if at all, this department interacts with the public on these various platforms via comments and other similar features.
Describe how the agency or department is leveraging techniques and approaches that are detailed in this module effectively?
Evaluate how the agency might adapt and improve their online presence.
A reccomended Department to write about is: Hartford Police Department Link to their web page:
Please reference chapter 6 and some of the attached reading material

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