Human Relations

This is a discussion. For this assignment, you first need to have read/reviewed

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This is a discussion. For this assignment, you first need to have read/reviewed the first two textbook selections: the excerpts from The Epic of Gilgamesh as well as the Ramayana. Then carefully consider what you have read/reviewed when you respond to these instructions.
First: each of the main characters (whether or not ALL of them can be considered “heroes”) is faced with choices he (or she) must make. In the story about Gilgamesh, our hero sets out on a quest that is driven by his desire to seek immortality; in the Ramayana, Rama and Sita are among those who also must decide what to do and when. Keep in mind what you have learned about the background/worldview that frames the context for each story when you share your thoughts about specific issues:
1) How do YOU feel about Gilgamesh’s decision to seek everlasting life? How does his choice to go and continue on this journey affect his character and function as a ruler? Do you fee his desires and actions can be justified?
2) Think about Rama and Sita – what drives the decisions that each makes? Is Rama’s insistence on his wife’s “proof” of righteousness and fidelity justified? Are Sita’s own actions in demanding to be tested by fire actions taken out of love…or actions taken because of her own adherence to her dharma? Does she love Rama or do you feel she is bound to behave this way because of her caste level? (Remember, these two figures are incarnations of beings who also exist in the realm beyond the physical – they are not simply “humans”.)

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