American History

The Vietnam War and US involvement in Indochina was an outcome of the US foreign

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The Vietnam War and US involvement in Indochina was an outcome of the US foreign policy of containment, that took a stark and binary view of political entities as either favorable to the US in the “fight” against communism, or unfavorable, regardless of the other characteristics of the government, to include supporting “friendly” autocratic dictatorships in Iran or Malaysia. A similar pattern of federal government ignorance of civil rights and cultural diversity in the 20th ran deep into the 1960’s before it could no longer be ignored.
For your main discussion post, discuss how the legacies of Watergate and the Vietnam War shape U.S politics in the decade that followed. What did Ronald Reagan’s presidential election and re-election represent for the New Right in both domestic and foreign policy? Explain the relationship between Reagan’s policies and the hard fought civil liberties and women’s rights progress of the 1960’s and 1970’s.
Interact with the classmates about the different approaches groups or movements took to effect social and political change in the US in the 1960’s. What differences that are the subject of protests or potential changes to civil liberties or equal opportunity laws that still exist today that are fundamentally cultural and how have positions on these issues changed since the 1960’s? Who are the leaders of movements for groups that are disenfranchised in America today?

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