Thanks for sending this along. I’ve taken a look at the essay, and some of the s

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Thanks for sending this along. I’ve taken a look at the essay, and some of the same problems with not acknowledging sources remain. Each time you use an idea or words that you’ve learned in your reading, include the following:
1. A source introduction – this sentence that comes before the paraphrase should include the title of the essay where you read the information, the name of the author, and a brief explanation of the main points of the essay.
2. the paraphrase/quotation itself (the sentence/sentences after the source introduction). The paraphrase/quotation should be preceded by a SIGNAL PHRASE (The author writes/claims/asserts/explains…), followed by the paraphrase/quotation, followed by an in-text citation (Surname #).
3. Another sentence following the paraphrase that makes a connection between the paraphrase and the claim you are trying to prove in your paragraph.
If you paraphrase, you must use your own words/sentence structure. You cannot copy others writing in any way.
If you use want to quote, you need to include quotation marks both before and after the quoted words. Using quotation marks tells your reader that the words within the quotation marks are copied EXACTLY, WORD FOR WORD, from the original.
I can tell, for example, that much of your first paragraph is taken from an article, but you do not announce when you are starting to paraphrase and you don’t give credit to the authors. Check each sentence!
Hey please do all the changes she want this is my final exam. I really needc marks in it please

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