Students will write an essay describing a passage from one of the New Testament

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Students will write an essay describing a passage from one of the New Testament letters, and after researching outside opinions, will infer its meaning for Christians today.
First, students will describe their chosen passage in detail and explain what it says. The essay should include three quotes from the passage to describe its meaning. Students must gather and cite three outside resources (excluding the Bible and course material) to prove they have read others’ opinions. This will help students to clarify confusing parts, become aware of blind spots, and gain perspective on their passage.
Finally, students must infer meaning from the chosen passage for modern Christians. How does this passage affect the way Christians live? The essay must draw parallels and application to a real-world example of a situation faced by followers of Christ today. The real-world situation must be precise, well-defined, and relevant to the passage. For example, in Romans 5, Paul talks about the love Jesus demonstrated by dying for humanity while humanity acted like his enemy. “God loves sinners” is much too vague. Rather, it should read something like, “There is hope even for non-Christians because God has not given up on sinful humans.”
This essay must be 500-700 words long and double-spaced. It should be in Times New Roman size 12 font. The essay should be in Chicago-style formatting with footnotes denoting the quotes recited or ideas inspired by others.
Outside resources may include an informal blog or a professional commentary, but students must make clear that they read opinions and insight other than their own.
Do NOT put your name on the document; your assignment will be anonymously graded.
Label your paragraphs by placing the paragraph numbers in brackets at the beginning of the paragraph like this:
Date paper was submitted (month day, year)
Composition Title
[1] This is the first line of your first paragraph. It should be indented. Subsequent lines are
not indented, but the first line of any subsequent paragraph is indented.
[2] As you begin paragraph two, this should be indented as the
first sentence to the paragraph. Subsequent lines are not indented.

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