Student will write an 8 to 10-page reflection paper (not including the cover pag

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Student will write an 8 to 10-page reflection paper (not including the cover page or
references). Students will choose four family violence and/or community violence topics from
the lists below about which to write. The purpose of the paper is not just to specifically test
knowledge, but to also force critical thinking about several topics.
Outside research is required, all sources used must be properly cited within the paper and
references provided in accordance with the 6th edition of APA Publication Manual. APA
resources will be provided on the Canvas course page. A minimum of 10 scholarly sources is
Family Violence Topics
• The role of patriarchy in family violence (Ch. 2)
• From a theoretical perspective, the potential intersection of intimate partner violence and
child abuse (Ch. 3)
• Emotional/psychological abuse of children (Ch. 4)
• Physical abuse of children (Ch. 4)
• Neglect of children (Ch. 4)
• Sexual abuse of children (Ch. 4)
• Investigative process of child abuse (Ch. 5)
• Teen and college dating violence (Ch. 6)
• Consequences of child abuse and neglect (Ch. 7)
• Adolescent offending patterns (Ch. 7)
• Intimate partner violence (Ch. 8)
• LGBTI partner abuse (Ch. 9)
• Abuse later in life (Ch. 10)
• Adult perpetrators: male versus female offenders (Ch. 11)
• Police response to domestic violence (Ch. 12)
• Stalking and homicide (Ch. 13)
• Court response to domestic violence (Ch. 14)
Community Violence Topics
• Police brutality and police training
• Violence related to racism and bigotry
• Violence associated with protests
• From a theoretical perspective, the link between community violence and family violence

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