Step 2: Peer Editing Workshop: First publish of the Research Paper Takes place in

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Step 2: Peer Editing Workshop: First publish of the Research Paper
Takes place in our first meeting in Week 6. Worth 10% of final grade.
In Week 6, you will bring the full First publish of your essay to class for a Peer Editing Workshop. Students will exchange publishs and follow detailed guidance as they read and provide feedback on their partners’ work.
Workshop Participation and Evaluation Criteria
Submitting your completed First publish on time (before class begins)
Attending class (showing up on time and with the necessary materials, and working
toward the Workshop goals throughout)
Developing and uploading detailed, productive, and timely feedback for groupmates.
Step 3: The Research Paper
The Final publish of your Research Essay is Due before by 11:59pm on THURSDAY, August 11. Essay Word count: Minimum 1500 words. Worth 25% of final grade.
NOTE: This is a solid deadline, as we are in a condensed term and this class has no final exam. Late papers could miss the cut-off and might not be counted toward your final mark for English 100.
Research Essay Evaluation Criteria
A good paper (C to B range) will have a unique point of view and will address their object/topic using paraphrase, summary, quotation, and interpretation. It will weave relevant research sources into the flow of the writer/student’s argument. An excellent paper (high B to A range) will do the same, but with exceptional writing quality, clear logical structure, and evidence of skilled and relevant research. It will also demonstrate high level interpretation and analysis.
A successful assignment (C and higher) will bring research and analysis to bear on the discussion of a primary text. Papers that discus a topic in more general terms, without the use of close reading and the analysis of a primary text, will fall into a lower grade range (D to F).
The primary text must be clearly introduced in the introductory paragraph.
The essay adheres to MLA guidelines, including formatting, in-text citation, and Works Cited. Failure to follow these guidelines adequately can lead to a penalty ranging from 5% to a grade of zero on the assignment.
Prose is clear and without any major grammatical or structural issues.
The essay has a clear, narrow, and arguable thesis statement clearly located at the end of the first paragraph. The thesis is not a question or a proposal of methodology; it is the answer to your research question, the conclusion that comes out of your research and writing.
Paragraph coherence: Paragraphs must have a clear topic sentence, follow a logical and coherent order, and tie back to the thesis or main idea. Paragraphs should each
focus on one main idea and should include some combination of paraphrasing and quotation. (New idea, new paragraph.)
Transitions: A coherent paper will follow a logical progression and include clear transitions that show how and why the author is moving from one idea or paragraph to the next (and how they connect).
Research and Evidence: Research sources must meet (but may exceed) the assignment criteria (see Research Project assignment description). Their content should be represented selectively (based on relevance to the argument) and faithfully. All evidence (paraphrasing and direct quotation) must be cited adequately using MLA format.
Quotations and evidence should be introduced, inserted, and integrated into the flow of your sentences, and unpacked. Quotations must not be dropped in and left unattended.
Essay format: The essay contains an introduction, coherent body paragraphs that are organized in a logical order (they should build from one idea to the next and should not be interchangeable), and a conclusion.
Use of the First Person (“I”): IF the paper employs the first-person point of view, it does so for a reason; the personal accounts or interjections must be clearly relevant to the topic, and personal discussions add context, explanation, or support. Note that these should not simply be statements of general opinion – they must contribute to or further the argument in some way.

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