Signature Assignments Option 1: You are to choose a Choose a publicly traded com

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Signature Assignments
Option 1: You are to choose a Choose a publicly traded company that
has actively traded over public exchanges for a minimum of 10 years.
Make sure the company has some type of international influence, e.g.,
Multi-National Corporation (MNC) or international personnel assigned
to the organization if it is based in the U.S.
Imagine you are hired as a consultant to render services to a publicly
traded company. As a new MBA finance wizard, you have been asked
to show your vast knowledge of finance by providing a discussion
regarding the operations of finance to the new hires of the company
you selected.
Please address the following in your paper:
1 / 9
Corporate finance as it relates to analysis and decision-making
The theoretical underpinnings of modern portfolio theory
Evaluation of financial risks and associated measurements
Assessment of risk and ethics in an international setting
relative to finance and investments
Writing guidelines
Write 8-10 pages in APA format utilizing at least 5 references
from the Touro library
Ensure you have an introduction with a purpose statement,
main topics are addressed logically and coherently, and the
conclusion ties everything together (add 2-3 sentences in the
conclusion with a summary of what you learned).
Double space throughout the paper, with 1 inch margins all
Your paper should be based on what you have learned
supported by literature (i.e., do not generalize)
Include a title page and reference page, which is not included
in the 8-10 page count.
Add tables and graphs to strengthen your paper (where

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