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Research paper on a specific sports-related injury. Limit your research to one g

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Research paper on a specific sports-related injury. Limit your research to one gender or the other, and the research subjects must be the adult population, high school and above. (no pediatrics or geriatrics populations). This paper must be at least 5-7 pages, doubled spaced text typewritten, 1” margins, 12 Time New Roman font (total pages does not included title and reference page). You must have at least 6 references, and four of them from scientific/scholarly sources. Of those four, scientific references must be within the last 5 years. (eg. Journal of Athletic Training, American Journal of Sports Medicine, etc.) and properly referenced using APA format (
Your paper must include:
1. Introduction
2. Body which must include
2.1. Mechanism(s) of Injury
2.2. Evaluation techniques
2.2.1. eg. Special tests used during evaluation; diagnostic tools (MRI, CT, Doppler, etc.)
2.2.2. Injury management basic rehab; protocol for return to play, functional assessment, etc.
3. Summary
3.1. include why you chose this topic and future outlook/research on injury
4. Bibliography (these needs to be the title and APA formatted).
4.1. You need to show citations in the body of the paper and have a separate reference page that has the heading Bibliography.
This paper is worth 100 points (5 points title page; 10 points introduction; 50 points body; 5 points proper APA referencing; 15 summary;15 proper bibliography. Late papers will be at the discretion of the instructor and with a reduction in points.

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