Read this article to get started (can use as a resource but not required) https:

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Read this article to get started (can use as a resource but not required)
Prison Education PowerPoint Presentation
– Students will assume the role of a College President who has been tasked with making a presentation to “sell” a college education to inmates in prison. The President will visit the states Warden’s Association and give a 10 or more slide presentation. The President is proposing to offer college courses to the inmates for half of the regular tuition. The President must provide the Wardens with a variety of reasons why this is a good idea for the inmates, the prisons, and the community at large.
The following must be included in the PowerPoint:
1. A title and a bibliography slide
2. 8 or more content slides with 3-4 bullet points each
3. Notes filled in in the NOTES area in Powerpoint. A sentence or two explaining each bullet point.
4. One or two charts supporting education in prison (not just prison and not just education but prison education charts). Charts should be dated after 2012.
5. Citations must be included on all slides where facts obtained from your sources are included
6. Include a bibliography slide with at least 2 resources (3 if using US news article above)
NOTE: Plagiarism software is in use for this assignment. When quoting another source/author or paraphrase, please cite your work. MLA or APA accepted.

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