postpartum depression.

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This is part 4 of my Capstone Project on postpartum depression. The patient I have been following is my cousin, who suffers from postpartum depression. The assignment has two parts, Part One is to develop an intervention, a solution to the problem and propse this solution via an action plan such as a power point presentation. Part 2 is a 5 page written analysis of the intervention. **********THIS ORDER ADDRESSESS PART ONE-THE POWER POINT PRESENTATION***********
When meeting with my cousin and family members it was evident that education on postpartum depression was lacking, what it is, warning signs, and how important it is to manage. When meeting with leadership within my division it was discussed that follow up phone calls are made to the patients within a week to check on how things are going at home, but no formal postpartum screening is complete. I would like to propose that early screening be done prenatally as well as at the time of the follow up phone call. Some postpartum mothers do not have a doctors appointment for 6 weeks and that is too long to wait to get screened.
I would also like to propose an educational power point presentation for postpartum mothers that discusses postpartum depression. This presentation can be encorporated right into their discharge insructions via QR code. AGAIN, this order addresses the educational powerpoint that will be given to patients. This powerpoint presentation is an educational presentation for any postpartum patients about postpartum depression. This powerpoint should inform the patient to expect to be asked some questions during follow up phone calls as well as their postpartum check up at the doctor. It should also educate the patient on postpartum depression
I will enclose the detailed instructions given for the assignment.
I will also enclose my previous completed assignments for reference.
References must be current within 5 years and in APA format.
Please include Title Slide and Reference Slide

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