Human Relations

Please write three peer reviews about others’ discussion posts for me. Peer Res

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Please write three peer reviews about others’ discussion posts for me.
Peer Responses are substantive student responses to one or more of their peers’ initial or peer responses to the discussion question/topic, or to a subsidiary question posed by the professor throughout the course of the forum thread. Peer Responses will be due no later than the end date posted, although it is more valuable and respectful to post earlier in the unit when replies to them are possible. Peer responses must add value to the overall conversation. The Peer Response criteria include:
A minimum of three substantive Peer Responses should be posted per discussion submitted by the due date. Peer Responses should be posted at different times throughout the unit and demonstrate thoughtful assessment of peer posts. NOTE: A substantive response is one that serves to contribute intelligently to the conversation. Posts that amount to little more than the equivalent of “Good point” or “I agree” while supportive, may not be considered within the minimum number required.
Peer responses can be whatever length the student feels is necessary to make his or her point and while they may be conversational in tone, they should also be free of spelling errors, grammatically correct, written in complete sentences, and contain full words (no unnecessary abbreviations, acronyms, etc.).
Through constructive feedback is encouraged, students should demonstrate sensitivity to, respect for, and appreciation of their peers’ work and perspectives, even if they disagree. Each student will bring their unique voice to each conversation; there is inherent value in differing viewpoints and perspectives.

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