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Please response to the following post:
Innovative Integration, LLC
Innovative Integration, LLC is working to fully integrate electric vehicle technology into our existing infrastructure, making this technology more viable for households across the country.
The Problem
While technological advancements have made zero-emission vehicles feasible and attractive, our current infrastructure is insufficient for wide-spread adoption.
Current charging technology takes to long.
Current charging facilities are concentrated in metropolitan areas, nearly nonexistent in rural communities or along interstate highways.
Most electric vehicles require proprietary plug-in technology that is expensive and not universal.
How We Solve It
Creating universal charging apparatus to be used for in-home and public electric vehicle charging.
Partnering with electric vehicle manufactures to create universal plug.
Partnering with gas pump manufactures to integrate rapid electric charging capabilities nationwide.
Continuing innovation to reduce charge times through charging and battery advancements.
Market Analysis
The global electric vehicle market size is projected to reach over 39,000,000 units by the year 2030, an amazing growth from the estimated 8,000,000 unit in 2022, a compound annual growth rate of 21%. There is no established competition for our niche section of the market at this time.
Key Next Steps
Identify willing electric vehicle partnerships for the development and acceptance of a universal charging apparatus.
Identify willing gas-pump manufactures for the integration of electric charging capabilities.
Establish both connections within 12-months.
Financial Summary
Initial funding has been secured through investments from friends and family, with an additional line of credit provided by the U.S. Small Business Association. Additional funding and tax advantages for us an our partners is being sought from our home-state government as well as federal funding infrastructure funds. Traditional bank funding remains available.

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