PLEASE RELATE THIS JOURNAL ENTRY TO CHAPTER 12: Crisis Leadership and the Learni

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PLEASE RELATE THIS JOURNAL ENTRY TO CHAPTER 12: Crisis Leadership and the Learning Organization IN THE TEXTBOOK
Each journal entry should indicate date of experience, situation, description of event, required action, action taken, your reaction, and alignment with course content.
Identify one leadership situation (workplace, consumer, personal or family experience)
Follow the instructions below, share your experience with a focus on your leadership observations and reactions
Your journals will include:
A review of your insights and reflections (all journal entries will be kept confidential*)
Relevance and alignment to the course material.
Journal of Leadership Events
1 Purpose/Objective of the Leadership Event – describe set of Leadership goals/expectations along with purpose of the event
2 Leadership Event Description – outline situation, individuals involved (their roles), methods used (e.g. face to face, group, other)
3 Location/Date – online, in person, on the phone, email; along with date/time
4 Key Leadership Dimensions introduced – example, conflict, ethics, culture, leadership style, influencing others, networking, negotiation, change management
5 Leadership Dimensions applied – example, motivation, effective/ineffective communication, coaching, other actions recommended
6 Your reaction – agree/disagree with approach, provide rationale, your recommendations; include lessons-learned
7 Expected results – short/long-term impact to individuals, team and organization
8 Leadership Lessons Learned – outline best practices, standards of excellence–apply to other workplace situations

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