Part Three – Art Form and Communication (350-500 words) Use your textbook and/or

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Part Three – Art Form and Communication (350-500 words)
Use your textbook and/or the Lecture Recording to compose this section. First, choose the chapter from the textbook that corresponds to your chosen subject. Painting? Sculpture? Literature? Photography?
If you worked with a subject that was more philosophic or about a particular academic discipline, you still need to pinpoint one of the art forms for the sake of this conclusive writing (see the instructions for HUMA BLOG #1).
Skim back through this chapter in the textbook and find a quote from this chapter that reflects your interest in your chosen subject. Present this quote at the beginning of this section and then write at least one long paragraph that explains how your chosen subject communicates human value (or values) as THIS art form. For example, your writing could examine three or four of the formal components of this art form and discuss some of your observations on the power of these components for their ability to express ideas.
Depending on your topic, you may choose a quote from one of the broader chapters (chapters 1-3, or chapters 14-16).
Part Four – Human Values (350-500 words)
In HUMA BLOG #4, you had to find a source that addresses a VALUE for its own sake and you had to write about what that source explains about this VALUE. Remember that you had to name this VALUE – give it a label.
Start this section by naming that VALUE once more (or choose a different Value). Then, from your own personal system of beliefs and individual sense of morality, write a paragraph that describes why you find this VALUE to be so important to the human race. Share your reflections and beliefs about this Value.
This response needs no research, no sermonizing, and no autobiography (unless you want to bring these approaches into this written response). Instead, your emphasis should be on your sense of reasoning. Why do you think this particular VALUE matters as much as it does? Explain the relationship of this value to CULTURE, given the definition we’ve been using all semester.
Grading Criteria:
Your response to this assignment should be “conclusive writing.” Write your response as if you are providing your readers with a constructive overview of your HUMA BLOG. The subtext to all four parts should be productive and explanatory.

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