PART 3: METHOD & METHODOLOGY Due: July 19 @ 11:59pm (submission link on eClass)

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Due: July 19 @ 11:59pm (submission link on eClass)
Length: 1500 words (5-6 pages) + Bibliography
You will begin by drawing from course material to answer the following key question:
What is the difference between a methodology and a method?
From here you will explain…
The methodology you would utilize to study your topic (if you were to study it further) and why
You will compare 2 potential methods for exploring your research topic (from any of the ones
discussed in the course) and argue your reasoning for including and/or excluding each method.
• In doing so, you will select a method that you feel would be best suited to move forward with (if
you were to do original research in the future on your topic).
• Describe how would you plan to conduct the research (including who and what you will be
studying, and where and when it would take place: i.e. which people, groups, and places on
campus will you find answers to your research question?).
Ask yourself: how does this method, or set of methods, help you explore your research topic and
answer your research question/statement effectively?
Make sure to cite the course readings, in-class lecture materials, and external academic literature for all
elements of this assignment (approx. 1500 words plus references).
REMEMBER: You are not expected to undertake the research project. Rather, you are exploring what you
would do IF you had ethics approval (and more time and more expertise). This assignment could include, for
example, the list of questions that you would want to ask research participants (in order to gain data to meet the
objectives that you have outlined). Be very specific in the application of the course material, for example it is
desirable that we use open-ended questions that prompt a full answer rather than ‘yes’ or ‘no’…

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