Paper set up guidelines – please use headings relevant to your paper Title Page

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Paper set up guidelines – please use headings relevant to your paper
Title Page
Pick a catchy relevant title for your paper. Include your name, student ID number, the instructors name, and course code. Include a table of contents following the title page.
Introduce the resource you are analyzing and the theme of your paper. Include the contents of the paper – what will follow the introduction?
This should be a brief summary of the resource you have chosen, and/or the theme identified. Identify any strengths or limitations of the resource.
Critical analysis of the reading/video/podcast or a theme identified in the reading/video/podcast
This section should articulate your position, and whether you agree or disagree with the author, and why/why not. Use reflective writing – incorporate personal experiences and perspectives to connect to the reader. Did the reading make you feel differently about the topic? Support your points with other sources.
Summarize your main points, or the main takeaway for you having read/watched/listened to the resource.
Please note
*Be sure to reference course themes or materials in your paper. Include a minimum of 8 references (not including the resource being assessed). I have attached the course material in the files, place incorporate as much course content as possible relating to the topic.
*Pay attention to the organization of your paper, does it flow from point to point? Do you introduce what you discuss, and conclude your main points? Be sure to proofread your paper before submitting.

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