NOTE: Session 5 Final PowerPoint NOTE: As we culminate our 5-session journey i

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NOTE: Session 5 Final PowerPoint
NOTE: As we culminate our 5-session journey in the art world, you will now use what you have learned in your course assignments and discussions to demonstrate your progressive knowledge of art history, art mediums, and artists’ biographies over the last 5 sessions and how this has impacted your view of art. Through personal evaluation, share how your current knowledge of the art world may impact your worldview.
NOTE: For this assignment, create a PowerPoint presentation showing the “how and why” the artwork of the two artists you chose for the final project affected your worldview or even your point of view. You must include a minimum of 4 visuals, 2 from each artist, and be sure to properly cite all sources and images used in your presentation. Your presentation must be 8-10 slides (not including cover and reference slides) and should be submitted by the posted due date.
NOTE: Suggestions on organization:
Slide 1: Image from Artist 1 with citation of work.
Slide 2: Explain how the artist’s style affected your understanding of this biblical story and why.
Slide 3: Image from Artist 2 with citation of work.
Slide 4: Your explanation of how Artist 2’s style changed your understanding of a biblical story or even the same biblical story would be ideal
(So on and so forth, with second images and explanations from both artists’ work.)

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