No need for any citations, this is just an article review from a classmate. Ple

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No need for any citations, this is just an article review from a classmate. Please make comments and any questions you may have.
In Ready, Willing, and Able, Zoe Shewer shows her editing process from publish to final presentation. Do you feel she accomplished polished writing successfully? Why or why not?
I chose this piece because (last I checked) no one else had written about it yet.
It was cool to see Zoe Shewer’s writing and editing process unfold across the three publishs of Ready, Willing, and Able. The first publish read like a stylized journal entry, the second like flash creative nonfiction, and the third like a proper narrative essay. In the first publish, I could clearly sense that Sherer was telling a story, because she jotted down key plot points and pieces of dialogue, but it wasn’t fully formed. In the second publish, she connected key plot points, made it more lyrical and included a distinct “moral’ of the story. If I hadn’t read the final publish, I would have been happy with that version. After reading the final publish, however, I understood how some areas of the second publish could be improved. In her final publish, she succeeded in polishing up the writing. The essay had much better flow since it developed to incorporate narrative features that make a piece more compelling and rewarding for readers. The annotations were really helpful:
Beginning of the narrative: the first day
Description of key character, with concrete details
Dialogue and climax of narrative
Effect of incident
Thesis indicated indirectly
Significance of narrative
Conclusion with dialogue
I’ve never taken a creative writing course, so I’ve never thought about the structure of my writing in this way. I imagine that the annotations describe a standard way of organizing a story or narrative essay. Even if they’re just labels added after the fact, seeing the information parsed out like this will be beneficial to me in future writing endeavors.

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