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Interview someone that is retired from the workforce and preferably from a diffe

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Interview someone that is retired from the workforce and preferably from a different generation than you. You can use a family member or someone you know professionally. You must identify the person you interviewed in your paper by name.
Ask the person you select about what the workplace was like when he/she began working. What kinds of jobs did people do? What kind of work did they do in those jobs? How did people feel about their place of employment? What kind of management practices did organizations use? How have work and organizations changed over the course of their lifetime? And any additional questions you think might be applicable. It is recommended to schedule your interview for an hour to gather sufficient information.
Your paper must address:
Connect the interview to course concepts presented in chapters 1-6 of the Organizational Communication Text. You may also want to skip ahead to chapters, depending on the information you ask for or the information you learn. That would be acceptable. The connections to organizational communication text must be specific and cited properly using APA format. This means you will need to do your homework to develop the questions before your interview.
Three specific lessons learned from your interview related to organizational communication (this could include similarities and differences between past and present).
How does reflecting on the past and the evolution of the workplace assist you in the present?
Steps involved:
Select the retired person to interview and schedule the interview. Interviews must take place in person or over the phone.
Prepare for the interview: What questions will you ask? How will you keep track of the information? Make sure to ask permission if you want to record the interview.
It is a good idea to send the interview questions before the interview to help the person being interviewed have time to formulate their answers.
Conduct the interview
Write the interview paper.
Paper requirements: 4-5pages. You are tasked with staying between 4 and 5.5 pages (introduction –conclusion).
Paper Requirements:
Your paper is required to be in APA, 7th edition format (make sure you cite your interview)
Your paper should be summative, meaning you are not listing the question and answers. You are gathering the major themes from the interview and organizing your paper by topic.
Write the interview paper. See page requirements above.
Avoid trite sayings, slang, and contractions.
Include a properly formatted title page.
Include a reference page with a minimum of 4 references (you must use and cite the Miller text and three peer-reviewed journal articles). Each time you refer to the interview, you will include an interview in-text citation. However, you don’t list the interview on the reference page.
Please refer to the rubric for the grading requirements. Your submission will go through turn-it-in with an acceptable score below 25%.

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