****I have attached a word document of a chapter from this book: Ritzer, G., &

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****I have attached
a word document of a chapter from this book:
Ritzer, G., & Stepnisky, J.
(2018). Modern Sociological Theory (8th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
a pdf:
Chafetz, Janet Saltzman. 1997. “Feminist Theory and Sociology: Underutilized Contributions for Mainstream Theory .” Annual Review of Sociology 23:97–120.
are the readings you must read for this essay. At the bottom of the book(image)
I have circled it with a highlighter to let you know that it’s a page number. Please correctly use APA 7th ed citations ( this website is a great resource for APA citations). When
you use in-text citation please use the correct page number. Please include a
title page (DO NOT write sociology essay, make up your
own title) and include a conclusion as well.
Instructions: Write an essay of at least 1,500 words (or at
least 6 pages double spaced) on the following topic. The purpose of each of
these Assignment 3 essay topics is (1) to allow you to choose a
personal experience; (2) to select an appropriate theoretical perspective;
(3) to analyze your example using the language of your chosen perspective;
(4) and to incorporate the key concepts; the main descriptive terms; the
basic assumptions; and the underlying argument your chosen perspective into
your explanatory narrative. The expectation of this assignment is that your
theoretical analysis of the topic will provide a deeper (causal or
interpretative) understanding of your topic than would be gained by a more
superficial or casual observation.
Topic: Select an example of a medium of your own
choice. This may be a narrative taken from a novel or movie, an article from a
magazine, a documentary news report, an autobiographical or personal
experience, or any other fictional or non-fictional account of a particular set
of social relations. Using any of the social theories discussed in this
course that you have not already used in your first assignment, analyze your example in terms of the key concepts,
basic assumptions, and underlying arguments of the theory of your choice. Try
to show how your sociological analysis adds to our understanding of the topic.
You may use either a macrosociological or a microsociological framework of
analysis. However, you cannot use any theoretical perspective that you have
already used to complete Assignment # 1.
Examples of topics might include such novels
as: The
Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret
Atwood; Brave
New World, by Aldous Huxley; or Nineteen Eighty-four, by George Orwell. Examples of movies might
include Crash, Natural Born Killers, Taxi, Pulp
Fiction, American History X, or The Piano, The Lord of the Rings: The Return
of the King, The Wolf of Wall Street, or any other movie that you think can be analyzed
using a particular theoretical perspective. News events might include media
coverage of politics, wars, media celebrities, for example. Personal
experiences might include work, home, college, social events, sporting events,
social media, or other situations.
The important thing to remember is that you need to
choose a theory that is compatible with your topic. You also need to have
some documentary
content for your analysis. If you
are analyzing a movie, you will need to reference the dialogue. If you are
analyzing a set of interpersonal relations, you will need to document the
details of your encounter, or to record and analyze some conversation.
***I have chosen feminism as the social theories therefore I attached readings you must read to write this essay. You can just select an example of a medium to analyze using feminism theory.
Key concepts from (Ritzer, G., & Stepnisky, J. (2018). Modern Sociological Theory (8th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.) :
expressive versus instrumental roles
sex stratification
sex category
gender difference
gender inequality
gender oppression
structural oppression
cultural feminism
liberal feminism
socialist feminism
psychoanalytic feminism
radical feminism
intersectionality theory
second shift
historical materialism
relations of ruling
vectors of oppression and privilege
bifurcated consciousness
unified subject
Key concepts from (Chafetz, Janet Saltzman. 1997. “Feminist Theory and Sociology: Underutilized Contributions for Mainstream Theory .” Annual Review of Sociology 23:97–120.):
feminist theory
feminist epistemology
standpoint theory
social relations of ruling
matrix of domination
socialist feminism
non-waged labour
sex-role plan
gendered division of labour
doing gender
emotional labour
queer theory
FYI my assignment #1 topic was: Show how the structural functionalist (SF) theories of Talcott Parsons and Robert Merton may be used to interpret and explain some important aspects of your everyday life. Your topic should focus on an illustrative example from your daily life; for example, “Living our lives in systems” (in my family or my workplace, or my college, or my sports team, or even my travel plans)—or any other appropriate illustrative example of an institution, organization, or a community relations situation in which you are involved. Your analysis should try to make use of Parsons’ and Merton’s key concepts and basic assumptions. Try to use at least six (6) key SF concepts and descriptive terms in your account, and show how this theoretical perspective can deepen your understanding of your chosen topic. Are there any aspects of your example that could more usefully be analyzed by using conflict theory concepts and assumptions? Ensure that your essay demonstrates a knowledge and understanding of the relevant course readings.
So, you CANNOT have structional functionalism in this essay.

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