Psychology Chapter 35 1. According to classic

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Chapter 35
1. According to classic economic theory, for rational agents what two forms of utility are supposed to match? In your answer explain what the two forms are about?
2. Do they match?
3. What is a hedonimeter?
4. Explain Figure 15. What does it show and what are the consequences of what is shown?
5. What are Peak-end rule, and Duration neglect? Apply them to a positive and a negative experience in your life.
6. What is the difference between experience and memory that Kahneman talks about?
Chapter 36
1. What are the findings of Ed Diener and his students?
2. What is an amnesic vacation in the chapter?
Chapter 16
1. Kahneman uses the word stereotype in a related, but not identical, meaning than how the word is typically used. Explain the similarities and differences.
2. I have a radical view about stereotyping in a social context. It is absolutely never ok. Kahneman says that there are valid stereotypes. Can the two positions be compatible? If so, how?
Chapter 17.
3. Explain regression to the mean to your family.
4. How does regression to the mean explain that most Olympic medalist are not children of Olympic medalists?
5. Think of an example from any part of your life in which regression to the mean might explain a phenomenon.

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