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For unit 3, choose your third professional journal article on the topic you chos

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For unit 3, choose your third professional journal article on the topic you chose for your research paper. Consider your focus and your audience, making sure your choice of articles is moving you in the correct direction for your research paper.
Provide the source, a summary of the professional journal article, and an analysis of the paper. Refine your outline and focus as necessary.
This assignment submission should be a one-page, 12 font, double-spaced Word document. Use the following format for this submission:
Source: Put the source at the top of each page for the review. You should use a recognized format: MLA/APA/Chicago Manual of Style.
Summary: In this section, you will provide a summary of the article and attach it to your document. You should be highlighting the main concepts from a professional journal article and not interjecting your comments or analyzing the content in this portion of the assignment. Highlight the main concepts, keeping in mind the end result, your final research paper. Consider what topics were discussed in unit 1, such as strategy, process choice, competitive priorities, core competencies, and lean concepts.
Analysis: This is the paragraph that you want to analyze the authors’ work, assess the journal, and relate the authors’ perspective to the textbook, other authors’ perspectives, and your own perspective or experiences. It could include your agreement or disagreement with the content. You might want to consider how the material relates to other related perspectives, models, theories, etc. This section may vary depending upon what you choose to focus on.

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