Communications and Media

For this assessment, you will apply your developing skills with verbal and non-v

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For this assessment, you will apply your developing skills with verbal and non-verbal communication to evaluate and provide feedback and then reflect on the speaker’s methods. To complete this assessment, you will watch the two following TedTalk presentations.
TedTalk 1: Bill Gates: Mosquitos, Malaria and Education
TedTalk 2: Jamie Oliver: Teach Every Child About Food
You may find it necessary to view each presentation twice—once to assess the verbal communication and a second time to assess the non-verbal communication. You may find assessing the non-verbal communication easier to assess by turning the volume down on the video and watching rather than listening.
In a multi-paragraph essay (minimum 250 words), use your notes and ratings from the table to compare and contrast the two TedTalk presentations. There is space provided at the bottom of the table on the template. Include the answers to the following questions:
Describe each speaker’s verbal and non-verbal communication.
Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of each speaker and their communication.
Explain what aspects of each speaker’s verbal and non-verbal communication you believe will be helpful when you are delivering a presentation.

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