For every essay assignment, you are expected to write a thoughtful and original

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For every essay assignment, you are expected to write a thoughtful and original entry of a minimum of 250 words.
Instructions for Essay format: Double spaced, New Roman font Size 12, MS Word
Your name, my name, the title, of course, date
Write an introduction
Write the body
Write a conclusion
The assignment is due Sunday at 11:55 pm. Please upload your assignment before the deadline, as the system does not allow any entry after the due date. The deadline is always on Sunday at 11:55 p.m. Please do not send your assignment to my email; you cannot get credit if it is not submitted properly.
The assignment grades will be based upon the length and quality of your input. Grammar and punctuation are very important, so please review your assignment before submitting it. Your essay should be “on-topic”, and demonstrate that you have read the assigned chapter and thought about the topic before submitting the assignment.
Essay Topic: Based on the readings how has the active participation of Black and White women in the anti-slavery movement intensifies the public debate regarding women’s rights? Why is history valuable to the future and how does this chapter help guide us moving forward? (Remember you must respond with a minimum of 250 words). Remember to reference the textbook or any other material to support your response.
Should you quote any text be sure to cite your information and include a reference page.

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