FINAL PROJECT DESCRIPTION For your final project you will propose and complete a

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For your final project you will propose and complete a scholarly paper related to the content of the course. This paper can be a review of literature related to a particular topic introduced during the course, a historical paper providing a deeper exploration of a genre or artist, or a position paper on an aspect of popular music and its use in school music programs. The paper should be 8-10 pages in length (not counting a required title page, abstract page, and reference list). A proposal describing your format and topic (maximum 150 words and including a working title) is due during Week 3 to your instructor. After your proposal is accepted you should complete a detailed outline to aid the overall organization and coherence of your paper. The outline may be built upon the following framework:
• Title Page (does not count to 8-10 page requirement)
• Abstract Page (does not count to 8-10 page requirement)
• Introduction
• Body
o Breakdown the body into several major sections or sub-topics you will discuss
• Conclusions
• References (does not count to 8-10 page requirement)
• Appendices (may count to 8-10 page requirement depending on merit and originality)
The paper formatting including title page, abstract, and references should adhere to standards detailed in the American Psychological Association Publication Manual (Seventh Edition). If you choose a historical paper it may be more appropriate to use formatting standards of Turabian or Chicago. If you decide to use any format other than APA, discuss this with your instructor and gain their approval prior to using other formats. The writing should be scholarly in nature, proofread, and include references. The final submission will be checked by Turnitin for plagiarism.
For your final project, it is expected that you not only use professional formatting and academic language, but also support regularly your thoughts and findings with citations and references. These references should be scholarly in nature. See this link of databases and other resources for potential references. While the course textbook, supplementary articles, and resources may be cited they should not be the primary resources for your project. It is expected you consult other resources and you may need to use UFL’s library or Interlibrary
Loan, including textbooks being mailed to you. Wikipedia, general or personal blogs available on the web, and some media sources are rarely adequate scholarly resources. Also see the syllabus, handbook, and library help materials for suggestions and help locating scholarly resources. Recommended references included professional journal articles, authoritative textbooks, and peer-reviewed research journal articles. If this is your first course, or you have not taken the research course during the MME, contact your instructor for further recommendations. It would be expected that in a paper/project of this scope that your reference list would have a minimum of 10 scholarly resources.
The final project should be uploaded as a Word document.

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