Final Paper Requirements Each student will select a single artifact of popular c

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Final Paper Requirements
Each student will select a single artifact of popular culture (a film, TV series, comic book, comedy skit, etc.) to analyze in the context of politics and popular culture. All choices must be approved by the instructor prior to 29 July 2022 (see special discussion board).
Introduction/Presentation of the Problem – introduce your aretfact and address why you have chosen to write about it in the contexts of the course (1 page)
Synopsis of the Film – plot of the film/series/comic book narrative, actors/characters, events, etc. (***no more than 1 page***)
Body – discuss a major issue in American domestic politics or International Relations and how the your selection engages with the issue; be sure to address “how” this engagement occurs, either through parody, satire, dramatization, hyperbole, metaphor/allegory, etc.; address at least 4 or 5 concepts we have discussed in class, contextualizing these within the framework of the artefact; if the artefact created political controversies through its release, be sure to include at least some of this analysis (3-5 pages)
Conclusion – address why popular culture is important to politics, transitioning from analysis of your own selection to a larger discussion of popular culture, being sure to reinforce the concepts and analyses you addressed in your paper and those we discussed in class (1-2 pages)
Your paper should be between 6-9 pp., double-spaced, and 12-point font, and must cite at least three (3) of the assigned readings from the course (both Dittmer and Bos’ Popular Culture, Geopolitics, and Identity and Holland’s Fictional TV and American Politics must be cited). Additionally, you must cite another three (3) outside scholarly sources (recommended sources can be found in the “Supporting Resources” folder). Citations of non-scholarly sources (film reviews, blogs, etc.) is permitted, but will not count towards the above requirements. All papers should have a title, list the student’s name/course number/etc., and include section headings. In keeping with the course requirements, do not use un-authored web sites, encyclopedias, etc. for citation. Do not plagiarize. Follow all the CMOS guidelines.
Here are my three sources:

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