Final paper – 7 to 8 pages in length describing how student would address a part

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Final paper – 7 to 8 pages in length describing how student would address a particular trauma survivor using the material learned in class. This will include a rationale for what model or models of trauma therapy student selects, interventions student would use, and ways to determine effectiveness. APA format is required. (See Outline below).
Term Paper – Outline
7 – 8 pages double-spaced; pages must be numbered; you must use APA format throughout the paper. A rubric will be given to guide your work.
Identify a person from a fictional or non-fictional book, movie, or tv series who has survived a traumatic experience.
Describe this individual, including:
• A bio-psychosocial history of the person. Be sure to address any gaps in your knowledge of the person’s history. For example, you might not know about the person’s family of origin, cultural identity, or childhood trauma. Identify and describe traumatic experience(s) that the person survived.
• How does the trauma appear to have impacted their life with both positive and negative effects.
• Discuss the person’s positive and negative coping methods.
• Include a timeline of the person’s development of when the trauma occurred and any difficulties they experienced.
3. Choose one or more of the models that we studied this semester and how you might work with the person to address any posttraumatic issues or symptoms. Provide a rationale for the model you have chosen – why this model for this persons.
4. Describe two interventions you would try with this person, and discuss how you would determine the effectiveness.
5. Using APA format, cite references in the text and provide a reference list at the end. Papers with incorrect format will be graded down a half grade.

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