Sports and Athletics

Ethics is critically important in the business of sports, just as it is in busin

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Ethics is critically important in the business of sports, just as it is in business in general, as well as society at large. Keeping that fundamental truth in mind, answer the following questions about ethics and its relationship to sports.
Define the concept of ethics
Mention 3 ways in which ethics is relevant to sports.
Explain 2 general rules or principles that are often used as the basis for guiding ethical decision-making.
Sports leagues have a strong business interest in ensuring an ethical approach in everything they do.
Describe the core philosophy (beliefs) that underlie the concept of good sportsmanship.
Describe the key tenants (beliefs) of gamesmanship. Explain how gamesmanship differs from good sportsmanship and outright cheating. Provide 1 example of gamesmanship.
What is a sports code of ethics? List 2 main purposes of a sports code of ethics.
Explain 2 methods other than employing a code of ethics that sports uses to encourage ethical behavior.
B.The use of banned substances by athletes is a significant problem in sports
Should leagues and sports supervisory bodies care about what substances their athletes ingest? If the substances weren’t banned, and all athletes could take whatever they wanted, wouldn’t that eliminate all ethical issues? Explain your answer.
Performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) have been used by some athletes to gain a competitive advantage. Since competition is at the very core of sports, shouldn’t PEDs be permitted? Explain the ethical reasoning supporting your answer.
List 2 steps that leagues and sports supervisory bodies can take to discourage, if not eliminate, the use of banned substances by athletes.
Provide one real example of an athlete who used a banned substance. What were the consequences for the athlete and for the sport in general?
C.The history of women’s participation in sports highlights a number of ethical concerns.
What legislation was passed to deal with the unequal treatment of males and females concerning athletic opportunities in educational settings? Provide the commonly used name of this legislative act.
What impacts did this legislation have on athletic opportunities for women in intercollegiate sports? If you don’t have specific facts, provide a general sense of the consequences.
One technique that was used by colleges to comply with this legislation was a process called addition by subtraction. What does that term mean? What was the objection to addition by subtraction?
Describe one ethical issue that exists in women’s sports at the professional level. What do you recommend be done about it?
E. While youth sports serve society in a number of important ways, they present unique ethical challenges to those involved.
From an ethical perspective, state 2 purposes of youth sports.
State 3 standards of appropriate behavior for parents of youth sports participants.
State 3 methods that youth leagues can take to discourage inappropriate parental behavior and encourage ethical behavior.
State 2 ethical responsibilities of youth sports officials.

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