American History

Demonstrate an advanced knowledge of the development of American society since World War II

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In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:
 Demonstrate an advanced knowledge of the development of American society since World War II
 Critically analyze ideas from both primary and secondary sources
 Develop arguments based upon primary and secondary sources and articulate those ideas in the written and spoken word
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Background: Identify the aspect of Cold War history that will frame your essay. This must be a major event, trend, or development that shaped the history of American society since WWII. Is the major event political, military-diplomatic, social, economic, or cultural in nature?
II. Historical Argument: Narrow your focus by creating a manageable question. Propose an argument that answers the question you have derived about the major event. This is your thesis statement and it must also be connected to historical evidence.
III. Historical Analysis
a. Factors: What are the factors that influenced this event? Include the policies of the time period as well as any key confrontations and clashes.
b. Individuals: Assess the role of the individual(s) involved in the event. This might be involve leaders or other nations. Who is the protagonist? The antagonist? What significant actions did the central figure(s) take? Why did they do so? What was the response to such actions taken?
c. Trends: What trends did this event influence? Which new policies came about? What effect did these policies have? What themes originated—or were repeated—as such policies were enacted?
d. Impact: What impact did this event, the individual(s), and resulting policies have on Cold War era history? Who significantly benefited from these events and moments? How? Who dramatically suffered from these events and moments, and how?
IV.Source Analysis: You must select sources to support your thesis statement. Ideally, you will include a mix of primary and secondary sources. Critically examine the resources in context with your essay topic. Remember this is not based on opinion, but rather this is your analysis of the historical content and context. Your source methodology supports your thesis statement.

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