Constructive and Deconstructive Conflicts Conflict can either be constructive or

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Constructive and Deconstructive Conflicts
Conflict can either be constructive or destructive. For this discussion, you will:
Describe a situation in which you experienced constructive conflict and one in which you experienced destructive conflict.
Explain what happened.
Based on your Chapter 1 reading, explain the differences between the two situations and why they represent constructive and destructive conflict.
Review the author’s definition of conflict in this week’s reading. Identify one of the conflicts you described above, explain why it is a conflict using the author’s definition. How does this definition differ from your previous understanding of conflict? In what ways can studying the nature of conflict assist you in your personal and professional lives?
Points and Rubric
This discussion is worth 30 points, and the rubric that will be used to grade your discussion participation is available from the Grading Rubrics page under Course Resources. The deadline for posts is Tuesday night at 11:59 p.m. ET; however, you must participate throughout the week to earn full credit.
Remember that your goal for discussion is three-fold:
To participate actively throughout the entire week.
To contribute in a way that adds to the discussion and moves it forward in an original fashion.
To use the course content to inform your posts and responses.
Keep in mind that when you post, you should always reference items you cite — be sure to use APA format for this. Also, be sure to refer back to the rubric as often as you need to during the week. The class is all about sharing knowledge, so use discussions as a way of creating a community resource for yourself and your colleagues.
This discussion addresses the following unit learning outcome:
Differentiate between constructive and destructive conflict.
It also addresses the following Course Outcome:
CM310-1: Explain the nature of conflict in various communication environments.

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