Religion and Theology

Choose one of the following: 1) It is likely that the tale of the martyred famil

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Choose one of the following:
1) It is likely that the tale of the martyred family in II Maccabees 7 is not an actual account of Antiochus’ execution of specific Jews. Rather, it is an anecdote designed to highlight Antiochus’ cruelty and megalomania towards pious Jews. Nevertheless, one has to presume that the author hopes to encourage Jews facing persecution during the reign of Antiochus. Compare the attitude expressed by the brothers and mother in II Maccabees to the attitude taken by Ignatius of Antioch in his letter to the Romans. Focus on how imminent martyrdom is portrayed with particular reference to the theological context.
2) Theodicy is literally the “justification of God” and is the impulse to explain why evil and suffering exist in a world created by an omniscient and omnibenevolent deity. Discuss the importance of theodicy when interpreting some of the biblical and deuterocanonical texts we have looked at in this class.
3) Paul refers to Jesus as the “first fruits of the resurrection.” Compare and contrast how the idea of resurrection is understood in Daniel 12, II Maccabees 7, I Corinthians 15.
700 – 1000 words
Any citation format
Focus on materials covered in class rather than other research
Submit in .pdf or .docx

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