Choose one imperialized country to focus on (see the list below for ideas). Who

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Choose one imperialized country to focus on (see the list below for ideas). Who imperialized them? Why? How? How did imperialism impact the imperialized country? What are the long-term effects of imperialism? (Begin with text chapters 25/26 and the primary sourcebook for this, as well as any other chapters that apply). EX: Algeria was imperialized by France.
Reflection: How does the history of imperialism impact the present day situation in the country that you are discussing? How does this history impact you in the present day/where do you fit into this? (what do you know about this nation from your own education, maybe you’ve travelled there, heard about them in the news, what conceptions of this nation did you grow up with/have now). Read up on the nation’s current status via news networks (BBC News_( work well) and reflect.
Write 5 full paragraphs (min 4-5 sentences per paragraph) – intro, 3 body and conclusion. Size 12 font, Times New Roman, double spaced
***YOu MUST use specific facts from the lectures, TEXTBOOK, and one primary source quote from the Sources of World society primary source book (or “Documents from Sources for World Societies” on Launchpad). Primary sources are the words of someone who exprienced the event, do not quote the editor of the small book as a primary source!! Essays without use of the textbook and primary sources will receive a ZERO***
Citations in the paper should be in the following format (author, pg). Lecture citations are (Jacoberger, lecture).

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