American History

Choose one film or series from the attached list to watch, then follow the guide

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Choose one film or series from the attached list to
watch, then follow the guidelines below for your paper. DO NOT JUST
For the content of your paper:
Give a BRIEF overview of the film.
Provide some historical context/background for the people
and events portrayed in the film. Connect them to the larger historical themes
of the era.
Based on your course material (lecture, textbook, course
reader), discuss the historical accuracy of the film. Your answer must be more
than, “this film is historically accurate.” You may also use outside
sources if you wish (see below).
OPTIONAL: Considering when this film/series was made, do you
think there was a contemporary message? If so, how does that message relate to
the actual historical events?
– Apocalypto (2006): Mayan world prior to the arrival of
the Spanish
– 1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992): Columbas’s discovery
of America
– Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007): Queen Elizabeth
– The Mission (1986): 18th Spanish Jesuit missionaries in
South America
– New World (2005): the settlement of Jamestown
– Black Robe (1991): Jesuit Priest and French mission
system in 17th century Quebec
– Crucible (1996): Salem Witch Trials, based on play by
Arther Miller
– The Last of the Mohicans (1992): Indians allied with
the British in the French and Indian War, based on the novel by James
– John Adams (2008): HBO miniseries depicting the life
and times of John Adams (WRITE ABOUT 2 OR MORE EPISODES)
– 1776 (1972): Musical based around the American
Continental Congress during the American Revolution
– The Patriot (2000): South Carolinian colonial militia
during the American Revolution
– Turn (2014-): AMC series about Loyalists and Patriot
spies during the American Revolution (WRITE ABOUT 2 OR MORE
– Amistad (1997): trial of the African leader of an 1839
mutiny on a slave ship
– The Alamo (2004): Battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto
during the Texan war for independence
– One Man’s Hero (1999): the San Patricio Battalion
during the U.S.-Mexican War
– Django Unchained (2012): German bounty hunter helps a
former slave track down his wife and exact vengeance on her slave
– 12 Years a Slave (2013): The true story of Solomon
Northup, who was abducted from New York and sold into slavery in the
U.S. South
– Glory (1989): the 54th Massachusetts, one of the first
Black volunteer regiments during the Civil War
– Gods and Generals (2003): Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson
during the Civil War, a prequel to Gettysburg
– Gettysburg (1993): Battle of Gettysburg during Civil
– Cold Mountain (2003): journey of a confederate soldier
trying to get home and life on the Southern home front during the Civil War,
based on the novel by Charles Frazier
– Gangs of New York (2002): urban street gangs in New
York City during the Civil War
– Lincoln (2012): Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War
– The Conspirator (2010): the trial of Mary Surratt, one
of the accused conspirators in the Lincoln assassination

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