Choose a human services issue that you think needs more advocacy, either from yo

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Choose a human services issue that you think needs more advocacy, either from your researched information or a new issue. Define the issue and discuss how you would begin to advocate for this issue. Also discuss the importance of the issue, including any relevant background history. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
• Has this new advocacy issue been identified before? If so, why was it unsuccessful? If not identified before, provide an analysis of why this new advocacy issue should be recommended for legislative action. What common factors might interfere with implementation of a new legislative policy? Describe the challenges of enacting policy that might impede the desired social change. How might social and political factors impact the newly identified legislation? What economic matters need to be considered before submitting this advocacy issue for legislation? Provide examples to support your assertions.
• What legal or ethical issues might impact this newly identified legislation? How might beneficiaries be affected by the implementation of this legislation? Explain your answer and provide examples.
• What communication strategies might be effective in educating beneficiaries who are impacted by the legislation? What political challenges might you experience when utilizing these communication strategies?

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